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WIFI Shirt button Spy camera with audio DVR


Key benefits

  • Built-in battery
  • Built-in microphone / audio recording
  • Built-in WIFI hotspot / SD card
  • Shirt buttons shape the camera
  • View remotely


  • Unannounced visit
  • Admission Key Evidence


  • 4G sim card / WIFI optional
  • Camera’s shape optional

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Wireless version shirt button spy camera for clothes builds in WIFI hotspot. The shirt button camera wireless is suitable for outdoor secret shooting, easy to carry and hide

Spy button camera with audio/video recorder specification

Product name WIFI mini DVR kit
Sensor sony323
Resolution 1920*1080
Audio Built-in
Camera size 15*15mm
Len 3.7mm
Angle 90 degree
Line size 1M
Video storage 128GB SD card (10 days around)
Battery Built-in (working alone for 1-2 hours)


wireless shirt button camera WIFI Shirt button Spy camera with audio DVR

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